Clubbing in Shibuya

Oh, what a treat. I have not been out clubbing in … since … like forever! … Also, around here, usually the parties do not really start until 1AM … on the other hand, the train service stops around midnight. So, either you party through the night, or catch a very expensive cab ride home.

Patrick pointed out this one event which was at a very nice time (5:30 – 10:30 PM), in a swanky lounge, the music very mixed, but overall jazz-y. There was a big band, a rap duo rapping over motown kinda music. Some girl vocalists (one tried to be the Japanese Björk), the other one Rie Fu and then Takeshi (who invited Patrick and thus me and Ritsu) with his band. I met Takeshi over 10 years ago in New York and Japan. Same with Izumi, who I have not seen in a very long time. He and she used to be a band called ‘Qypthone‘.

The music was great, we had a fine table for us. And the crowd was civilized and not too many people. It was full, but not too full. On several occasions I got to talk to some of the artists, which is just nice and can only happen in a small-ish club like that.

For the encore number Takeshi brought all the other artists together on stage for a very catchy end song / medley (Ritsu told me later that some of it was the theme of some famous TV drama 北の国から) …. I still cannot get that tune out of my brain.

Afterwards we were very hungry (they offered some food in the club, but it did not look too inviting and was at 1000Y way too expensive) and went to a typical ramen (noodle) place.

It was great, no hassle with waiters, you buy your ticket for your meal at a vending machine, then you get a form about how you like your ramen (spicy / well cooked / how much garlic ….) and then you just wait to be seated. All counter space, so we had to wait a bit until there were 3 seats together that we could sit. Initially it looks a bit like the visiting area in prison. Each seat has its own partition. But those could be removed. Each seat also had its own water dispenser … The food came quickly and we were all very happy!

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