Review: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Yesterday I finally got to watch the most recent, and as it looks like, last Star Wars movie ever.

Quite amazing that Fiji had a copy on opening day, being 14 h ahead of the US east coast, we even beat the midnight screenings in NY timewise. But this was the first time I was not able to watch it on opening weekend, but the Monday thereafter.

I liked the movie quite some. Best of the prequel trilogy (even though I felt more entertained watching Episode II at the Ziegfeld in NY back in 2002 in digital projection). A lot of things were cleared up, things that fans knew to happen were finally shown.

The pacing and action are fun, the visiuals are mostly great, the music is fantastic (I havr had my gripes with some of the Ep II score). Some cheesiness was gone, new cheese was added. Jar Jar Binks had mercyfully very little screentime (though I would have loved to see him die, painfully). So let’s move on to my gripes, nitpicks and general thoughts, shall we?

*** spoilers from here on ***

The acting was wooden except for Palpatine .. he was a great villain with an eery fatherhood attitude. Natalie Portman was wasted, Obi Wan looked like he does not take this role serious, Anakin has hardly improved from soap opera acting. I keep having the feeling that George Lucas would prefer to make movies with robots or all CGI characters …

Speaking of CGI … mostly very very good .. especially the opening space battle … but towards the end there were some truly icky shots … a) The head of Temura Wilson on CGI stormtrooper uniforms b) the part of the final duel on those floating lava plattforms and c) the 2 babies which were very obviously compositted into the scene.

Some plot points I am still not so sure about: What about all that ‘can manipulate life’ thing .. is that supposed to explain Anakin’s birth? And the question why Qui Gon Jin dies in Ep I, but leaves a body behind? If Yoda and Obi Wan then have figured out by the end of Ep VI how to do the trick, is it safe to assume that Darth Vader has learnt it too? (Thus the happy blue threesome at the end of Ep VI)

And who the heck ordered the clone army? 2 names were mentioned in Ep II: Jedi Master Sifo Dias and some Lord Tyranous .. was that Palpatine under a fake name? Or Dooku?

I had some more .. might add later …

Why were the wookies and those hellraiser, hole inhabitting people in the movie? Fillers? But all very cool looking … I did like the chase after General Grivous a lot, and him fighting with 4 lightsabres …

Anakin’s turning felt too quick .. and the reason … hmm .. i think I was expecting something like him thinking that there is something going on with Padme and Obi Wan … which brings me to an earlier point: Anakin executing Dooku: That was too fast too. I had wished that Palpatine had said something like “Dooku killed your mentor” (Obi Wan being smashed by that plattform sure looked pretty serious, I was actually surprised how quickly he was up and running again).

The initial humor around R2 was kinda nice, but silly .. and how come that R2 can move like this in Ep 3, but in Ep 4 he is rather stiff. I liked though that they addressed why C3PO has no knowledge of the prequel happenings from Ep 4 on.

Another question: Why is Leia a Princess? The Organas don’t look like king and queen … and if she is living in hiding, why would she take the royal title from her mother, who was queen of Naboo once. And exactly WHY did Padme die? That was silly …

Yoda kicked ass. Sam Jackson was less spectacular in this one. Seing the Jedi being betrayed was awsome .. though one could actually buy into the idea that they might be on the wrong path by assuming control … what a bunch of dogmatic softies they are.

The worst thing was Anakin as Darth Vader. The suit looked to big .. and the “NOOOOO” scene was laughable !!!

I do not have the feeling right now that I need to watch the film right away again … I had somehow more fun with the 3 Lord of the Rings movies (which felt way more epic). Too often did I get the feeling of the movie being shot in empty sets against greenscreens.

But I guess there is just so much in this film that one has to watch it again. I wonder if this film could finally kick Titanic off the throne … but it will not have the return business that the sinking ship movie had thanks to heart throb Leo.

It feels weird, empty now .. Star Wars has been a big part of my childhood and youth .. and now it is over … But let’s see how over it really is .. they are talking about a TV show now. And there will always be something to make money off. Maybe when I am very very old someone will try to make a remake? How weird would that be?

The discussion is now open.

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  1. pules says:

    I don’t know what random search led me to your blog, but I have to agree with all that you said about ‘Sith’. Especially on the CGI and wasted characters and acting.

    Anyway, Lucas really ruined his franchise with the last trilogy. He should have handed the writing duties over to one of the better authors of the extended universe books and directing duties over to Irvin Kershner.

    The Holiday Special makes more sense after the introduction of Jar Jar Binks.

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