Last day in LA

We are in Los Angeles and this is basically the last day of the trip: Good news for us was that check out is not as usual at 11, but at noon, so we had some more time. We then headed toward the coast to complete the east coast to west coast trip. We strolled down Santa Monica pier, too bad the weather was all cloudy, the view could have been a bit nicer.
We then continued down south towards the airport. And got off at Century Boulevard, which is occupied left and right by Hotels and Motels. We found one that I had actually stayed in before (in 1997) and we got a nice suite (like a little apartment) and after bringing in some stuff, we chased after a nearby mall.

But first: Lunch ! After checking the local food places, we selected “California Pizza Kitchen” and it was very pleasant … Very good quality. They have some really interesting pizza creations which I would love to try out some time (like “jerk chicken” and “pear and gorgonzola”). We went on to plunder the adjacent mall. Textiles (cotton) and some sundries like razors, vitamins and such. The next great stop was “Fry’s” for electronic stuff … what a fun place .. I expected to see another Best Buy or Circuit City clone .. but instead you get a somewhat chaotic looking place, but filled with people who actually seem to have an idea and lots of stuff at great prices .. After that we continued further south, keeping a look out for more malls .. but after some time we returned (after a quick check at a local target, nothing there we really needed)

So we returned to our hotel. We took a brief dip in the pool (heated .. while it was 62F outside, the pool must have been in the 80ies) and then researched places to eat for a nice last night dinner .. Too bad that LA is just SOO big and there seems to be no real website to easily find a restaurant which is close to any given location. So after spending some time on that search, we just selected the adjacent “american bar and grill” which showcases a hillariously tacky 80ies decor, 99c Margaritas and cheap, but yummy food. Ritsu had scallops and I just had that hamburger craving again.

While Ritsu went after dinner right away for a nap, I kept sending out last emails, writing this, checking accounts online and such.

This basically concludes this report. It has been a fantastic 29 day trip across the country. And we could have easily stretched that to 2 months .. initially we planned on including San Francisco and a 4-5 day stay at the Grand Canyon. I hope this report will be some inspiration or guideline for some adventurous travelers in the future.

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