Six Flags, CA

Somewhat early getup at 8:30 AM. Meeting Fred at 9:15 and then heading towards Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) where we arrived at 10:10.

We first lined up for the recent and really silly ride called “X”, an amazing coaster which actually spins your seat while you ride it. Thus sometimes you go forward or backward, you are over or under the track, but the most fun part is that you go down the 88.5 degree 200 ft drop facing down, quite scary but lots of fun. After me and Fred were done with it (Ritsu said right away that she would not do it, but she took great pictures) it was already noon.

We did more and more great rides, like “Goliath” (very similar to the Titan in Dallas) or the “Riddler’s Revenge” and coaster where you actually stand in .. pretty nice .. and last ride was “Deja Vu” which included some scary free fall elements. You are being pulled 90 degree up into the first tower, then released (face down again, we got lucky and scored the first row) and within seconds you are at 65 mph. Then you whisk through some twists and a loop and go up 90 degree into tower 2. The train slows down and is even being pulled all the way up, just to release you again and you do the whole thing again, backwards this time.

Fantastic ride, biggest problem is that with this setup, they can only operate 1 train (other coasters do 2 or 3, thus they can load a train, while the other is riding) and that creates long lines. Our prediction for the wait was 1:15 h but turned out to be only 45 minutes.

The very last thing we did was a “classical” haunted house called “brutal planet” (who came up with that ???) and it was pretty fun .. a walk through place full with extras to boo around corners … pretty cool !!! ..

We then went home and said bye to Fred. Our next quest was to find food at the relatively late time of 9 PM … in our neighborhood everything was about to close, delivery services were closeing too or wanted 50 minutes AND a delivery charge, so I opted for that supermarket again and made Pizza Pockets (since our place at the Renaissance has a nice kitchenette)

And here are a bunch of photos

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