Viva Las Vegas

Sleeping in a bit (well, I got up around 6 AM and witnessed a nice dessert sunrise, then went back to bed) and after shower and breakfast, we went to watch a movie (“The Ring”, that US remake of a japanese blockbuster horror movie) .. and it was actually pretty good.

Then we took the shuttle from the MGM to Bally’s and started our stroll down the strip. At Harrah’s we stopped by for a typical Las Vegas lunch buffet for 10.99$ pp. The shrimps were pretty good and the selection was nice and plentiful … nothing to complain … we were full for quite some time.

We then checked the showtimes for the pirate show at Treasure Island. And then we did the imax 3D ride “Race for Atlantis” .. wow, that was out-dated !!! While the screen was really huge .. and dome shaped curved … and the googles seemed very hightech … it was pretty lame all in all:
The description read: The whole experience has 3 segments and will last 20 – 25 minutes … yeah right … Part one is the waiting line .. in a special designed room .. with the biggest indoor fog system .. uh huh .. then there is a pre-briefing … the 3D effect did not really work, since the 2 pictures were out of alignment … it was a silly “what is it all about” .. and then that guy on the screen did the safety briefing as a rap … seemed like a really bad episode of sesame street. We were then ushered into the main screen room … .. to make it short .. the ride was very very short … i should have stopped the time … it was also very bumpy and kinda .. hmm … interesting, but not super spectacular. …

After that was the perfect time to go check out the pirate show which was a lot of fun and used some pretty cool pyrotechnics and stunts. Now we continued walking back to our hotel, checking out hotels and casinos left and right.

After having had some champagne in our room, we went to a really nice japanese place called “Saizen” at the San Remo hotel. We have not had japanese in a long time and we were surprised by the nice yummy quality of the fish. Back home around midnight … bed.

How about some photos?

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