off to Las Vegas

Getting up bright and early to go hiking !!!! … BUT … opening the curtains, I see rain all around us … we may be adventurous … and crazy .. but not THAT crazy !!! So, we decide to go to Las Vegas right away.

After having packed everything and checking out, we swung by the local Imax … but showtime was not ideal, so we continued … through the rain … but soon it cleared up and we hopped on I 40 … We had one quick stop in Kingman (so, we travelled like 5 minutes on the historic route 66) and then continued on route 93 to Las Vegas.

30 miles before LV we crossed the Hoover Dam … they have quite some controls there these days … I guess to prevent that some crazy people bring a busload full of explosives on that dam and have some fireworks. Unless you opt for overprized visitor parking, it is hard / impossible to stop to take a good look at the dam.

Shortly after we arrived in LV and now the quest for a place to stay begun … I had hoped that there was some great advertisement or a real tourist center would help … but the tourist centers we found were .. well .. strange … you basically felt like being on a bazar .. that sale guy seemed to be yelling a number at you (the amount of dollars he wants from you for the basics you asked for) .. but then he would throw in “free shows, gambling money, food vouchers, free rides” to sweeten the deal … (probably another time share presentation among that) … so, we fled !!! I was yearning for some internet connection to do research .. but in the end it was the old “1-800 on windy, noisy street corner” that got us into the New York, New York hotel for just 79$ … What I still don’t get: when I asked for a second night, the phone lady said: the friday night is 159$ .. but we have no room available … .. but when we checked in, the reservation said 2 nights for 79 .. yeah !! .. i asked and reconfirmed if that was right .. and they said it was… great !!!

The room was pretty great .. nice size and nice decor .. and a stunning view from the 30th floor over to the Strip .. and very close by to the drop point of the adjacent roller coaster (funny to look DOWN to a roller coaster). Another nice touch was a high speed internet connection (10$ for 24$ .. but hey, compared to 1.50$ for a local call, that is a steal !!!)

We had an early dinner at a very nice italian place and then got tickets for that show “Boo!” which included free tix for the roller coaster … here some fun with math: The roller coaster ride alone costs 12$ per person … and we had a coupon buy 1 get 1 free for boo .. so .. for 30$ we got 2 roller coaster tix and 2 show tix .. pretty cool !!!
We later went to see this show .. we were a bit skeptical since we were pretty tired … but I have to admit that I laughed very hard !!! The show is a nice mix of improv theater, ghostly tales (well, urban legends) some out-off-place, but still funny musical numbers and audience participation … in those 70 minutes I was not bored any minute. And while it is not the kind of comedy I would bring my mom, I think it was pretty darn good.

We took a little stroll after that and we were looking for a nice bar .. but everything was pretty loud .. so we decided to go on and abuse the high speed online connection and go to bed then later …

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