Japan 2000: Day 6

After getting up at 3:30 pm this day, there was not much sunlight to catch. Once showering was done we finally headed out for “breakfast”, by taking the train to a nearby town called “Hirakata”

No, this is not Beni-hana with it’s Tepen-yaki… it is a local Osaka specialty called “okonomi-yaki” (or something like that) and it is basically a mix of a certain cabbage with egg, spices, and just like pizza you can say that you want seafood or pork or whatever in it. After turning it a couple of times it is garnished (aka “soaked”) with mayonaise and some kind of BBQ sauce, making sure that squid and pork taste absolute the same.

It is yummy, but nothing you would want everyday. I still believe it is a good foundation for the beer that would follow shortly afterwards…

speaking of which… I forgot the name of this place, but they had nice sized pitchers of beer, an interesting selection of little food items (we had more squid, tofu and french fries. The japanese couple on the table next to us had exotic items such as spaghetti, pizza, omelette. And somewhere I saw someone eating garlic bread with chopsticks)

After some yummy yebisu I had no problem to ask the guy next to us to shot this picture :)

After we have thoroughfully explored the watering holes of Hirakata, we decided to rent a movie and to go back to Toshi’s place.

The video rental place was interesting. A lot of US TV shows such as Friends, Ally McBeal, X-Files … also, most of the US movies came in dubbed and subtitled (throw in the choice of widescreen or not and you’d have 4 tapes per movie).

I found it very interesting to see already titles such as “Dancer in the Dark” or “6th Day”, which are still running in US theaters. But it turns out that those were mere free rentals of the movie trailers…

After a long search (and there was not really anything interesting), we settled for “Mission to Mars“) which none of us has seen yet, it was new, it looked like mindless latenight entertainment… but on the picture above you can see Toshi discovering what a pile of crap that movie was (although it started promising) …

and this next shot shows the ultimate effect of the movie on all of us.

If you are an insomnic, I recommend renting this movie !!!

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