Japan 2000: Day 7

Xmas Eve – Day was for us a travel day again, going back to Himeji.

The breakfast on xmaseveday was a wicked “KaRuBi” Mac … I have NO idea what it was exactly … but McDonald has all over the world some “local” food items, and here it was, besides above mentioned Burger, McChicken Teriyaki and another unidentifiable ChickenBurger.

Best story of the day was, the adjacent Kentucky Fried Chicken had a big sign up, that they ran out of chicken and could only fill pre-reserved orders .. I wonder what the Colonel thinks of that ???

Here is then a nice goodbye picture of the 3 of us at Hirakata station before we headed back to Osaka to catch the train to Himeji … by now we feel pretty comfortable with the japanese train and ticketing system … but I was very surprised how crowded this train to Himeji was …

Back home we were treated to a fantastic “roll your own sushi” dinner. The tray in the middle contains all kind of yummy fish and other things you have never before envisioned in Sushi (little sausages anyone ???) But it was fun AND very tasty.

Along with it, Hisako’s Dad and I kept pouring each other Sake and Beer. Fish needs to swim, right ??? I then spent the rest of Xmas eve doing the update for the last 3 days and edit the first video and then went to bed at i-dont-know-what-time.

These are various pieces of yummy looking xmas cake !!! … We were just too stuffed to actually eat them :)

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