Japan 2000: Day 8

XMAS day !!! yeah !!! .. Today’s program: going to the earthquake champion 1995 : KOBE.

What could be better on xmas day then Sushi for breakfast and the daughter of the house running around in her Kimono?

I actually thought that she would be waering that today.

For lunch then we had Pizza, and finally we were all ready to go…

Once again on the train … first we stopped in Himeji to visit a shop where Hisako used to work .. people there were very nice, but nonetheless crazy .. but at least we got tea (can anyone say “madhatter’s teaparty” ? ).

Then further Y950 brought us to Kobe.

Not too visible (since shot from the train), but this here is Kobe Bay with it’s huge bay bridge (the biggest in what? the world? Japan? Kobe?). It looked even more magnificent with the sun setting …

The ride was only 40 minutes and it was not crowded at all (which should change on the way back !!)

Surprise, another Ferri’s wheel !!! .. they seem to be a favourite in Japanese landscape building these days !

So we went and explore the shopping oppertunities in Downtown Kobe (one section called “Harborland” .. sounded like a theme park, but was just a mall.

One of the entrances to Chinatown …

Around Xmas Kobe seems to have this weird like tunnel spectacular going on … it attracted thousands of people .. and I am still wondering why …

I saw this light thingy on many brochures … but once there, it was just too crowded to enjoy.

A very nice nightlight shot of Kobe .. just before we are leaving for Himeji again.

The train station has turned into a madhouse by now.

Good occasion to talk about cellphones: It seems that now EVERYONE has one … and very nice ones .. they come with large displays (and in color) and you can download pictures of your loved ones .. you can also download your favourite tunes as ringers (and i really mean current chart hits). Another thing: short email messaging … I was wondering first why i see so many people frantically holding and working their phones with one hand and a thumb operated joystick/button: later I found out that they are sending short emails back and forth … and also battery life seems to be amazing. On one occasion i noticed many melodies being played, several emails sent and received, and finally a one hour phonecall .. and no single recharge … on my shitty Star Tek i can do 3 short phonecalls max before the (clumsy) battary dies on me.

And the final meal of xmas day was what I now call “japanese tapas” … i forgot the real name … it is just ordering a bunch of little dishes for the whole table … usually barfood quality …. fried greasy things going well with drinks …

The place had somewhat of a beer garden atmosphere and the poor waitgirls had to still wear santa hats.

Tommorow we will board the bus to Tokyo .. so, I have no idea when I can make the next update … just hang in there .. it will be great !!!

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