Angelica did WHAT now?

Still trying to explore more restaurants closer by, we followed a lead that there is supposed to be a Chinese restaurant not too far, we first went into the Adot building finding the “South Rift Valley Restaurant & Bar”, which just looked horrible, no ambience, loud TVs with soccer match on, and the menu looked anything but interesting.

Then we checked out the next door “Eastern Hotel” (and yes, it looks exactly like that, with shutters closed, giving the impression they are not even operating).

But in there we found what looks like a restaurant, actually quite nice, and when I asked for the menu we got a very fancy booklet with incredibly tasting looking images and hard to read / understand / comprehend English descriptions:

It appears this place only caters to Chinese people. The local wait staff hardly speaks any English, and the head waitress appears to only know Chinese. We tried to order some stuff but only got ‘no have’. After some more hand-and-feet gesturing it became clear that the images in the menu (which actually seemed more like a hand-me-down from some other restaurant) was ‘just a suggestion’ and the question ‘what DO you have?’ resulted in puzzled looks. So, in the end we left and returned to our neighborhood Korean place.

(Maybe some Chinese reader can enlighten us to what that dish really is? I hope something with peanuts!)

[interesting, doing a search for the image ‘reveals’ that the first image is a ‘ginger & red date tea’ according to this website. Then again, the image pops up on a bazillion of (mainly Chinese) websites. Which leads me to believe that the whole menu is a huge cut and paste images for free from the web job’]

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