Dim Sum

Today, after the very action packed day yesterday, we wanted to keep things a bit mellow and kinda slept in, and then slowly got ready for brunch.

Another great place that Ritsu had scouted out for us (and which was surprisingly close to our hotel) is China Club at the Radisson Blu. (As featured in Time Out Dubai)

I called early in the morning after reading that especially on fridays a reservation is highly recommended and we arrived on time at 11:30 AM and enjoyed lovely service and excellent food. And lots of it.

Although it is a great all-you-can-eat deal at 99Dhs per person (Julius 50Dhs), they have their tricks to get you full quickly (i.e. by dropping everything they have at once on your table), but of course they are coming later asking of we want to have more. And seafood deprived as we are, we kept asking for shrimp dumplings. On the other hand, they kept asking if we want fried rice / noodles (the second to last dish), kinda hinting at that they want us to be done.

And I am not sure if this is another trick down that alley or coincidence, but the 100+ minutes we spent there, the same song was playing in the background over and over!

Another not so nice surprise: while tea / ice tea / soft drinks are included, Julius just wanted water and they charged 17Dhs for that (and not telling us in advance that this is NOT a soft drink … it can hardly get any softer!)

But still, I would love to return some day, I hear great things about their duck offerings.

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