More seafood at Fish & Co.

Stil nourishing our seafood craving (plus being a tad lazy), we found a Singaporean seafood place called ‘Fish & Co.’ in our neighborhood mall.

While it had a bit of a fast food vibe, the food was surprisingly good and not expensive at all.

Somehow Julius opted ‘just’ for the kids’ menu’s pasta choice (he would end up eating a lot of our veggies and fish), Ritsu had some grilled fish and I had the seafood platter.

We were a bit disappointed that they did not have any whole fish (we had read about that) and the acoustic of the place was annoying, it was very hard to maintain a casual conversation.

But as Ritsu said: ‘it hit the spot’

Also, we haven’t had cheesecake in a long time. One portion is enough to share.

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