Dubai Mall / Fountain / SEGA Republic / Burj Khalifah

After lunch I took Julius to SEGA republic, as he is a huge fan of Sonic, the hedgehog. It was quite interesting, as a kid I have never seen a place like that. Besides tons of video arcade games they also offered several ‘real’ rides, like the indoor roller-coaster SpinGear, which was a lot of fun. Also some cinematic faux-coasters and some video games on rattly / turning seats.

But a lot of the games / attractions showed their age, as if SEGA was at some point to embarrassed to show these in Japan and were happy to sell them off. No sign of any HD displays or 3D.

Instead I noticed lots of kids, dropped off by their parents with a plastic card full of Dirhams. And the noise level was what one would expect from such a place. The pass I got for me and Julius only gave access to the rides, which I explained to Julius and he was ok with it. He was happy just watching other kids numbing their brains on the plethora of video games.

A quick sit down and ice-cream break and then some more shopping, or at least the attempt to do so. This place is so vast that one person alone can try to explore it in one day. Factor in several distractions, multiple potty breaks and lunch, and the place getting severely crowded, and you realize that you do not get much done in just one day.

For the evening we went outside to watch the Dubai Fountain show. A big water fountain extravaganza designed by the same people who did the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas. The show was nice, but the crowd around us was too packed. And every troll with a digicam and their grandma just had to create another never-to-be-edited video of the show, while holding their cams up as high as possible. I got to see more LCD screens than actual water.

Initial plans of also having dinner at the mall were changed as our feet and legs were hurting and we started to get tired, so we hopped on the next train and went back to the hotel.

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