Another computer nightmare? (update)

Aftter the trouble I had with the hard drive in my main computer, my Apple Powerbook, I had made my mac mini (yes, the one I had waited 100 days for) my main work horse, while I am still in the process of re-installing all necessary software on my Powerbook …

Now, I just gave my mac mini a long deserved reboot .. and it only booted up giving me 3 nasty sounding beeps .. nothing else … I tried every trick i know (and i know some) and i just ended with taking the thing and driving straigh to the local apple reseller who sold it to me.

Now the waiting game begins and the fate of yet another 3 weeks of emails and pictures is not very clear … according to this forum, I am ‘only’ looking at some damaged RAM (which is worrying, in a 2 months old computer)

So, if I forgot your birthday (again) or replying to an email (dito) .. here is the reason …

update: Got the mac mini back, working. They said they just had to reset the RAM. Now I am worried if that is going to happen again, if I should ask for new RAM (still under warranty) .. and I was pretty upset to see how the housing was messed up. Yes, I know, it is not easy to open a mac mini. This is why I gave it to an apple specialist … I think Julius could have done a more subtle job using a stick of dynamite.

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