All signs against us leaving

We are having the two hottest days in Tokyo right now, reaching 41C. But we still had some last minute stuff to do, walked through the sweltering heat. We had tried all morning to secure a taxi for our way to the train station, but none of the companies we called wanted to make an appointment.

As we endured the heat I looked up into the clouds and said how unfortunate it would be if it started raining … And that is exactly what happened half an hour later. It became actually the worst rain and wind storm that we had witnessed here. Great outlook for us to walk to the stations with four pieces of heavy luggage…

But as luck had it, the rain stopped in time and had actually brought down the temp by 10 degrees. But it was still pretty hot. So, off we marched to the station, just to find out that the storm had knocked out the train system and we started struggling for options. One was getting on a bus to kichijoji where we could catch an airport bus. Instead we found a taxi and now we are on this bus bound for the airport.

There was a guy at the bus stop selling / checking tickets, he said that tickets have to be bought a day in advance. But obachan called the bus company and they said it would be ok to buy tickets on the bus. The guy then also said “there is possibly still some space on the bus”

Uh, huh … So, we are on this bus now, there are no further stops between here and the airport, and we are the only people on this bus :)

Let’s see how long it will take, projected time is 90 – 120 minutes.

So, surprise surprise, the ride took only 80 minutes, we were dropped off right at our terminal, found a UNIQLO, checked in, had last dinner at McDonald’s, passed through security, some duty free shopping and now we are on the plane ready for take off (on time, of course)

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