Best Birthday gift ever

What can you give a man who loves tech-gadgets, but there is no way of knowing if either he already has it, or if he thinks this is good or crap? I admit that it is close to impossible to find a nice gift for me.

It is more the gesture that counts anyways. I.e. when there is something I know I want, but I have no means of getting it in the country. Not too long ago Ritsu helped me through her contacts to get a great pair of headsets that way.

So, with my birthday coming up, Ritsu had made plans for the weekend. And her idea was fantastic! What if she could whisked me away from the pain that Addis can be sometimes (no power, low water pressure, bad internet) for 24h?

This is exactly what she did by booking us into a 5 star hotel here in town!

But first we had a very nice burger lunch at Sishu.

We did not leave the hotel for the whole time. It is more of a business hotel, not a family hotel (i.e. no pool), but Julius was very entertained by the constant high speed internet and the TV with so many channels in English. We watched a NatGeo program on the Glyphis Shark (did not know that one either) …

Ritsu had also booked massages for us and made sure that there is a gym. All nice (besides a major hick up at check in, which I wrote about in my tripadvisor review)

Only the view from the 7th floor reminded us that we are still in Addis:

So, we never got bored, I enjoyed the probably fastest internet connection in the country and for dinner we went to the hotel restaurant and plundered the buffet which had a lot of everything (albeit not the a la carte salmon, which is just too expensive to be a buffet item).

Towards the end, after I had tried a piece of each buffet cake and was about to explode, the wait-staff came with even more cake and sang happy birthday for me! (Julius was holding his ears closed) … very sweet.

We had a good night’s rest since
smartypants Julius managed to let us sleep in by relocating to the bathroom with mama’s computer.

And then some more buffet plundering in the morning.

The breakfast buffet (pictured below) there is excellent. I have to find out what the regular price is. I would love to come back for that. It DOES include smoked salmon, also duck breast slices and a very nice ham. We could have eaten for hours, but we had planned another round of treadmill and then abusing the wonderful bathroom facilities.

(If you tell me I cannot take pictures of your buffet without giving me a good reason, be sure I publish the pictures 😀 )

But at noon it was time to check out and starting our loooong way back home (about 20 minutes in Sunday traffic :) )

Thanks my love! This was great!

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