Today, my boss came back…

Today, my boss came back from his 2-month leave and I told him the news!!
He received it well, but his next question was “so, when are you going to take a maternity leave?” He told me that his wife worked until the day she gave birth, which sounded to me that he wanted me to work until my due date! I told him that I have to consult with my doctor about it…

I was thinking to take a leave 6 weeks before the due date as in the guideline of our workplace, but maybe I will try to work a bit longer… Then, I can take more time off after I give birth. Still, all in all, I was very happy about his reaction and felt really relieved!

Another happy note for today is that I received a letter from my friend in Japan. It was a detailed report on her experience of childbirth in October 2003 and a beautiful picture of her son and herself! It felt weird seeing her as a mother since I know her for more than 10 years. But the letter was really moving and the picture was gorgeous!! Thank you, Atena-chan!!

(Ritsu’s friend Atena with her babyboy Soutarou)

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