I haven’t posted for a while…

but I’ve been doing OK although my tummy feels like exploding! I cannot believe that it will get even bigger for the coming 2 months.

Today, I received a nice percel from my mom… with some cute maternity clothing in it. Peter will post the pic of me in the maternity outfits shortly. Boy, I look pregnant! But still, many Fijian ladies tell me “YOU ARE SO SMALL FOR 7 MONTHS!!!” Honestly, I don’t want to become bigger…

Nowadays, I wake up early in the morning because i feel HUNGRY! But I cannot eat much at one time… Even a small amount of food makes my tummy very full. Then, after a short while, I feel very hungry again… This is same as when I was in the 1st trimester. In the meanwhile, I cannot wait to go on maternity leave in 8 weeks! :)

And here the above mentioned pictures:

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