Tight security

Yes, this guy on the right is armed with an automatic rifle! In front of Julius’ school!

Background is that ever since the attacks in Kenya (Westgate Mall), people have grown fearful. And just a few weeks ago, 2 bomb makers here in the capital city blew themselves up (by accident, no one said bomb makers are smart) before they were able to smuggle the bomb into a fully packed soccer stadium.

But just 2 weeks ago there was official news that the security alert level for the country is being raised to the maximum level and since then you get a pat down when you enter the supermarket, rigorous ID checks at places where you have an ID (school, office) and metal detectors you walk through when you want to get into a restaurant!

And seriously armed guards at the international school.

It is sad, but sure enough, I want the kids to be safe. You never know what soft target radical terrorists might use to get the most media attention.

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