Shopping for Babystuff

We just got back from our shopping spree at Babies R Us. After taking a train and then a bus (gotta love those super friendly / polite japanese bus drivers), we found a mall like complex where we shopped around for several ours … trying on carriers (settled for a nice one from Baby Bjoern, got the japanese version of a diaper genie (after we were contemplating several different versions, including a compact travel version, which we found too fragile to consider) ..

We also got some nice clothing items .. but things like a car seat / carrier were just to big and / or we had no real idea how to select those … but we keep looking into that. What is really different at a japanese baby store is the display of some (need to find the right word) kind of altar stuff which are put up at home when baby boy or girl reaches something called boy / girl day … i need to ask Ritsu to explain that later in detail … the displays ranged from small shoe box size to friggin 42″ TV set size :)

A display like the one above (the biggest I have seen there) sets you back 2000 US$ … crazy .

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