22.5km by bike around town and 2 lakes

I had noticed the sun coming out this morning and I still had ‘get a bike lock’ on my to-do list and I knew exactly where I had to go (I had seen that from my shuttle bus trips to Big C) … so, off I went and with my very limited language skills I managed a full ‘negotiation’ and was later confirmed that I have not been totally ripped of.

I felt good and just kept on biking and ended up all the way around Hoàn Kiếm lake (see Turtle Tower below)

Getting around Hoàn Kiếm lake is pretty much nothing (compared to the 16km around West Lake), but it is fun and I found this very picturesque landmark for Hanoi the red painted Huc Bridge which leads to the tiny Jade Island.

From the lake I make my way back, through the Old Quarter and I see Đồng Xuân Market again, but eventually hit West Lake again and find out some new ways to get along there closer to the water.

Traffic is quite an adventure, but compared to Addis, I felt relatively safe. The traffic is very bike centric and drivers do seem to look out, though I have witnessed typing text messages or eating ice cream (with spoon) while riding a bike.

I will do more explorations like this, but let’s see how the weather develops and how I feel about it when it gets super hot and humid.

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