Chả Cá & Egg Coffee with Lan

Got a spontaneous invite to meet my friend Lan for lunch and she took me to a typical Chả Cá (grilled fish) place in the Old Quarter.

There is no menu, there is only one item (grilled fish) which comes in a pan and you mix it with fresh veggies, herbs, peanuts and then either fish sauce or shrimp paste. At 7$ p.p. can’t complain at all.

Next we had to push our bikes through a tiny alley way to reach a ‘hidden’ coffee place with lake view (hence the name), and well, guess it is in Lonely Planet or so, I saw more foreigners than I thought would find this place.

For the first time I tried this special ‘egg coffee’ which looks and tastes more like a dessert. Very nice and great view to boot.

Here is a very cool NatGeo video about ‘street food’ in Hanoi, which includes the 2 above items:

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  1. Anja says:

    Geniales video, danke!!!! Da bekomme ich sofort Hunger…und sehr lustig zu sehen, wo Du schon warst… Ich beneide Euch um das Essen…viel Spass und guten Appetit!!

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