Farewell dinner for Hillary

Incredible that Robert and Hillary are already leaving Fiji again, seems like they just moved here some months ago .. but the job …

Anyways, since Hillary is leaving already tommorow, the 2 got us all together at the Malt House, where we first occupied the bar area and had some snacks (spring rolls and pizza breads, which by the way are great for the small appetite … i think we had the garlic pesto ones) and then we moved to a big table, Rob ordered some bottles of wine .. and then everyone just ordered what they wanted … We tried for the first time a ‘smoked tomato’ pizza, which came closest to our wish of a ‘as basic as possible’ pizza, and indeed, it was nice. According to the menu it was supposed to come with brie, instead it came with feta cheese, but that was ok too. I only took this one picture this evening.

I wish Malt House would expand their pizza business, they have a great oven and make a great crust … but they only offer one size (although they have ONE smaller pizza on the kid’s menu), and only like 8 different combos .. we have yet to try what happens if we just start telling them what to put on the pizza.

But as always, nice place, nice atmosphere.

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