The shortest trip ever to Tokyo

It used to be loooooong .. so loooooooong, but now with home being Hanoi, Tokyo is a mere 5h flight away, this is a total game changer.

We left the house at noon, taxi ride was easy as was check in, then we enjoyed an overpriced Burger King meal for lunch and our flight left right on time at 2PM.

Thanks to the 787 being only 50% full (interestingly, more BC seats than EC) I could move over to an exit row seat and enjoy extra leg space.

Food was ok-ish and I did not feel like watching any of the offered movies, time passed quickly and we landed right on time around 9PM and immigration, waiting for luggage, getting on 3 different trains

and then walking from our train station (instead of taking a taxi) took a mere 90 minutes, Haneda is so much closer than Narita.

So, 8.5 h door – door. New record!

Julius had no trouble finding the way, even the right staircase and door and as soon as we were in, our phones and computers were recognized by the wifi network! Yes, we are home!

Though not overly hungry, a nice platter of sashimi was waiting for us.

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