The not so long trek home

Being so close to Japan and being able to fly directly into Haneda has made our trip so much more convenient!

Only bummer was maybe that we had to get up and ready a bit before 5AM and Julius tried to nap straight away once we were on the train.

Funny thing is when you get out that early on a Sunday morning, you see the party leftovers: Kids who were partying all night until the trains start running again, visibly intoxicated or just flat out sleeping on the train.

Haneda is a very nice, open and friendly airport. To attract more people to their shopping area (set up resembling a famous shopping area in Asakusa) they let anyone in without ticket or passport control, this way obachan could bring us all the way to the security gate.

The flight was again very lovely, Ritsu had scored me an exit row seat on this new 787 (need to google how those dimming windows work [done, it is an electro-chromatic gel]) and the 5 hours flight time went by in a breeze.

Great trip, but also happy to be back home again, even if it is just for a bit :)

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