Just sit down and wait for food to appear – Ba Le Well

This restaurant was recommended to me already before our previous trip to Hoi An and the many many positive reviews on Tripadvisor prepare you well as to what to expect (though I think it would be great to really just stumble, totally unprepared, over this eatery).

Like many food joints in Vietnam, rather than having an extensive menu, they focus on one thing and one thing only and do this really well: They have a set menu of fried spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes and the rest is ‘make your own rolls’ with grilled pork and lots of greens & pickled veggies which one of the nice ladies will show you unasked. I have witnessed on other tables actual feeding of guests, wiping sweaty foreheads and good bye hugs. And if that was not enough, for dessert they offer a delicious mango cream (also chocolate, but did not try)

There is no menu, once you sit down they ask what you want to drink and then food just comes. And it is all very delicious.

In case you are afraid of what the final bill is … don’t forget you are in Vietnam and this is one of the non-pretentious places to get good food. Julius and I paid 205K VND which is not even 10$, including a soda and a water. The set by itself is 110K per adult, I noticed that for Julius they wrote down ‘set baby’ and it was 70K.

Some reviews on tripadvisor call this place touristy, well, yeah, kinda, but I also saw many locals eating there. Most reviews also point out how tricky it is to find, but it is not that tricky at all, IF you come from the easy side, which is from Phan Chau Trinh, so, coming from the ancient town going north. But here is a map just to make sure I find it again next time :)

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  1. Jess says:

    Awesome shots – you guys certainly look like you enjoyed it!!

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