Fancy lunch @La Badiane

Ritsu had told me about this place (after she had been there) several times and today we finally got around having lunch there together.

And in general I was not disappointed. Service was top notch, the dining room we were in was very pleasant and I was pleased with the music selection. There are ample choices for the 365KVND (17.40USD) lunch set and there wasn’t a single item I did not like. It was all very tasty and the presentation was always fabulous!

(Crabmeat spring rolls, duck rillettes, duck leg confit, beef carpaccio, apple crumble with cherry, fruit salad with coconut ice cream)

This might also be a bit of a downside for this eatery. The menu descriptions promise you the moon, the presentation follows up on that. And then you get ‘only’ really good food, while your mind was ready to be blown. I understand that this is an incredibly difficult balancing act (‘manage diners’ expectations’). Overall I was very impressed, but the price tag is steep indeed. Off hand, Halia comes to mind, they does similar fine dining lunch sets for 30% less.

One example for great description: “Stewed apple crumble with cherry: Crumble with crispy buttery cover and soft inside of stewed apple. It is best served with sour-sweet cherry. You will feel the balance of flavor when you make a choice of this one.”

I could easily ‘fake’ the flavor of this very fancy looking dish at home with some chunky apple sauce, crumbling some short bread over it and drop some cherry jam on top :)

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