Lazy day and more uni

After all those jam packed days, now a day of relaxation, blog updates and eating more seafood.

Ritsu ran some errands (like getting her driver’s license renewed, finally) and her mom even went with her (on her day off) … sure enough they also ended up doing some baby shopping … but they brought something nice for me too.

I finally figured out how to connect to the house’s ADSL thing (instead of using the neighbor’s wireless LAN) and I got a lot of stuff done. I also enjoyed finishing some more ikura (after I bought some the night before, it turned out that Ritsu’s mom has had the same idea … and it all has to be eaten fairly quickly) .. so .. my healthy food for the day was high cholesterol salmon roe, pizza flavored chips and some beers.

Dinner was another home style seafood feast: they brought again a tray full of uni filets, some nigiri sushi (individually wrapped) and some kani (crab) of excellent quality … the fresh seafood that is available really makes me want to move to Japan.

Since I did not take any pictures today, here a little photo essay on the plethora of vending machines which can be found all around Japan. Sometimes at weird locations (next to shrine, close to graveyard). All kinds of sodas, flavored teas, bazillions of different coffee drinks, of course cigarettes (brands with nice english names like “Peace” and “Hope”), I saw a few machines selling beer and sake too, but that is rather rare and may have to do with the area and local laws.

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