Tsutaya, Lunch, Apartment and P5 geek gathering

When we woke up, the rest of the family was already gone. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and then went out for a stroll and some shopping. A nearby CD/DVD store was quite different than the big megastores like HMV or Tower Records. We got more nice Sakura trees to see, since it was quite windy, a lot of the white petals were flying around like snow. Very beautiful.

By chance we passed a brand new apartment complex and big banners were inviting people to come see the ‘model apartment’ .. and we thought ‘heck, why not’ … so we rang … and were shortly afterwards in the middle of a longish sales presentation :) The lady who dealt with us (let’s call her ‘Bitch’) first sat down with us in the lobby and had Ritsu fill out a huge questionnaire … after that (by now she thought we actually might be potential clients) she showed us a bit of the building in general and then led us to her office, where she kept asking more questions as if she already wanted to do the financing with us. (Or maybe to see if we are at all worth her time) … we then looked at a couple of floorplans and we could only pick one which we wanted to see (silly, we actually believe they only have one model apt) … anyways … when we finally got to go to that apartment, I got my camera out and bitch-lady bitch-slapped me right away with a rude “no picture taking” … bitch!

(This is taken from the video, right at the moment she says something about “shachin” (=pictures) … what was wrong with her anyway? Her hairstyle indicated she was stuck in the early eighties anyway .. or one of her ancestors was a rooster,or a band member of Duran Duran)

The actual apartment was very nice .. actually way too luxurious (italian marble, nice hardwood shelves) and for my taste too western in style (no sliding doors, no tatami). It was quite spacious with around 90 sqm and 2 bedrooms and was nicely set up … I just could not figure out what a good place for the TV set would be … anyways .. we got hungry and I just did not have the 600.000 USD they were asking for with me .. so we left … the whole experience took us around 45 minutes … but sure was fun.

For lunch we went to a nearby, semi fancy Sushi place. They had some great lunch special. I had a omakase sushi selection (omakase means basically that the chef selects a variety of things for you) 12 pieces and soup for 10US$ .. not bad at all, and the quality was great. Ritsu had a bento box which had all kind of little things in it .. some tempura, some tofu, salad, some more stuff I cannot remember and pieces of oranges for desert.

There is even some silly videoclip of this lunch … but nice music and me dealing with too much wasabi going up my nose.

After that we did some supermarket shopping, went back home, rested a bit and then got ready for the evening. While Ritsu had some business stuff to do and later dinner with an ex-colleague, I was meeting Patrick and Jean to go get the most recent Pizzicato Five DVD release (big box set, 8 DVDs in total including 2 bonus discs). Unwrapping the box among equally crazy P5 geeks was like christmas.

This we celebrated at Jean’s place with some great homestyle Sukiyaki while watching some of the DVDs … that sure was a lot of fun.

The way back home was less fun since it was raining cats, dogs and penguins and even with umbrella I got wet good. I met Ritsu at our home station and we walked home through the rain. The alternative, taking a taxi, was out of the question: There was a huge line at the taxi stand. But finally we made it.

I had my favorite midnight snack again (Ikura and beer) and soon we were sleeping like babies.

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