Night Out: Okinawa style food and izakaya

Last night we went out to Shinjuku to meet with Ritsu’s old school friend Utako and with Dave, an online pal who wrote the spamfilter I am using for this blog, which also got him into the Fiji Times.

Uta-chan had selected a very nice Okinawa style restaurant for us and was even armed with a map and a 30% off coupon. But still we first ran up the wrong stair case and nearly landed in a massage parlour. People in Okinawa seem to be eating a lot of pig (including marinated pig ears, which was actually very tasty) and thanks to the US troops they had also adopted spam into their cuisine.

Afterwards we went to an izakaya place where we had a last round of drinks and some nibbles.

It had been a long time since we had been out together that long and taking the nearly last train from Shinjuku back home was fun.

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  1. jaelithe says:

    Out? Together? Without the baby? At night? On a DATE?!?!?

    (Ok, so there were a couple of other people there, but still . . .)

    John and I really need to try that again sometime. We’ve only managed like three times in the last six months I think . . . unless you count that time when I had to go the hospital a few months ago to get stitches for a cut on my arm LOL (John and I were making jokes in the car on the way to the ER that it was the first time we had been out alone together in ages and we ought to celebrate or something).

    Hope you had lots of fun! Aren’t grandmas great?

  2. Reinhard Leiss says:

    Hallo Peter,
    vielleicht können sich sich noch an mich erinnern? Ich habe fast zwei Jahre bei ihrem Vater im Platanen-Ring gewohnt. Wir sind uns dort ein oder zweimal begegnet. Letzte Woche hatte ich ihren Vater kurz besucht, von ihm habe ich den Hinweis auf ihre Webesite erhalten. Finde ich alles großartig. Es freut mich zu sehen, dass sie inzwischen eine glückliche Familie haben.
    Ich wünsche ihnen und ihrer Familie Glück, Harmonie und Gesundheit und natürlich beruflichen Erfolg mit der notwendigen Belohnung.

    Reinhard Leiss

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