Still not really online

Writing again from the apple store in ginza (holding Julius in one arm, so forgive typos). But here at least a little text rundown of what we have been up to.

2 nights ago we had the great idea that we add some spice to the end of our trip and started some hotel hopping. First we spent a night in Kichijoji where we did some more nice shopping and had lunch at a great place called Negishi. We also found an authentic German bakery and had Bretzel and Laugenhoernchen.

Hotels in Japan are expensive and very small. We found a cheaper (albeit even smaller) hotel in Ginza (how cool to stay just 5 minutes walking distance from the apple store) and had dinner again with Utako and ran into a neighborhood summer festival, where I ended up dancing with Julius among all nice-traditionaly dressed up people. We even got free beer and popcorn!

I have tons of pictures of all the above and will post those once I get the chance, which I guess will be when we are back in Fiji, which will be in around 48h.

Gosh, the food here is just great !!!

(Disclosure: The reason why we changed from house to hotel was rather that Ritsu got into a fight with her unstable brother and she wanted to leave right away.)

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