Dinner and neighborhood summer festival

For dinner tonight we met again with Utako and went to a place that specializes on pork. We had shabu shabu, some ‘grill it yourself’ pork slices, very nice eggplant, those tiny fried fish and other nice things. Julius behaved so so, a lot of walking around was involved and people kept smiling at him and he smiled back.

On our way back, just around the corner from our hotel, I suddenly heard music and we went to check it out. And there, on a communal square between big apartment buildings was a crowd of Japanese people, dressed in traditional summer festival garb and danced to traditional Japanese music. Dances I had never seen before (and no, not the Matsuken Samba). All over the place were colorful lanterns and on one side were food and drink stalls.

The atmosphere was great and very friendly and Julius was fascinated. So, after looking at the basics of the steps, I grabbed Julius and joined the crowd. I could not perform all the hand and arm motions carrying the little guy, but the steps I figured out pretty fast. People were wondering what this tall gaijin was doing, but in general there were smiles all around. Thinking back, I think we should have taken video. Ah well.

Too bad that we came pretty much at the end of the party. But the adventage was that the food stalls gave away beer and popcorn for free.

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