Evening in Causeway, HK

As if our day was not long enough already…

The bus from the park dropped us again at Tin Hau, wich either is in, or close by Causeway and it looked ok on the map to walk from there to the Wan Chai ferry pier. Which it is, unless you have been on your feet for over 10h.

But the walk for very interesting, besides admiring tall street art or the array of appetizing food displays…

… the main roads are still closed thanks to the ongoing protests and this makes for a very special atmosphere, having these otherwise very busy streets as pedestrian areas. Some of the people there took it upon themselves to create art displays themed around the protests:

When we finally got to the ferry, we realized that it was Monday and hence we had just run into the work commute rush hour … saying ‘Honey, I am late, I am stuck in the ferry jam’ is not something you hear every day … but eventually we got on and enjoyed the great view of the skyline again.

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