Exploring Mong Kok, HK

Mong Kok is known for it’s extensive shopping markets (trinkets, cheap touristy t-shirts and ‘stuff’), sneaker street (one street devoted to sports shoes), several computer centers, but currently it is also one of the last 3 remaining active protest sites.

This here is a good article summing up the current state of the protests. Whenever we get there things are fairly quiet and civilized.

But we came here for other reasons. The street market feels a bit more aggressive and less transparent (=no or very few price tags, lots of haggling). This sneaker street is a marvel in deception (and I am wildly speculating here), It appears that there are tons of different stores, but I got the feeling that they all display pretty much the same, same – similar prices, and same ranges of sizes. My speculation is that they are all connected in the back to the same big warehouse. It is one big shop with many different store fronts, selling the illusion of ‘free choice’ and fun shopping experience :) And it works, I was able to find sneakers in my huge western size.

After Ocean Park it is now harder to find something exciting for Julius. The market stalls and the impressive food displays did not really enthuse him. But gladly I had researched the area a bit (not enough to figure out where those computer centers are supposed to be …) and read about a cluster of stores specializing in the sale of live fish, especially goldfish. And that was something for the young man.

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