First 1000km of the year done!

1000km was my initial plan for the year, only later did I realize that I had selected 1000 miles instead of km (hence the overall 1609km goal).

Let’s see how this continues 😀

This is my ‘heat map’ for Colombo, showing all the streets I have run. The hotter (more red) it is, the more often I ran along there.

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Spider Cat

I just leave this here …

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Friday Mix

Some of today’s highlights:

Woke up early and ran all the way down to Mount Lavinia.

Got back just in time to see online how Ritsu landed safely, after a 30h halfway across the world flight back from Panama. Shortly after she was home!

Since we already did all our parent-teacher stuff on Wednesday, Julius did not have to go to school today and we used this time to go and watch ‘Ready Player One’, a movie we were both equally excited about, having devoured the book a few years ago.

Very awesome film because / despite all the changes to fit the story into a cinematic setting. Incredible action scenes and well worth (‘mandatory’) to watch on big screen in 3D … we might watch it again this weekend, this time bring mama!

In the evening we went out with our old neighbors in Hanoi, the Goldbergs. They left Vietnam as well by now and are visiting Sri Lanka for spring break. And since they will get enough curries all week, we showed them our favorite Italian place.

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Sorry for the lack of updates (scroll down, there is some new stuff) … I am still writing them, but for now I am posting them only privately.

I have recently been asked if there is a way to make the blog less accessible for every Tom, Dick and Harry googling our names & I am considering options, like slapping a password on it … but for that I need to know who my remaining 3-5 readers are to keep them in the loop.

If you want to be considered for the inner password circle, please de-lurk and leave a comment.

Other option is that I just keep our stories to well, food porn, cats pic and my running stats … we shall see.

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3 Way Conferences at School.

Today was this bi-annual event of meeting with as many of J’s teachers to chat 10 minutes about how the semester went so far and what else is coming up / can be done to improve his grades.

I am happy to report that I am happy with his report card overall, from everything I saw and heard today he is not failing anything, he shows potential to be better in some. He sometimes produces surprise top grades in some tests without studying. He is ‘smart and / but lazy’.

His favorite subject is English, where he excels according to his teacher, which is a pretty big surprise after he was categorized as an ‘English B’ student in his previous school (and he seemed to be failing there at times, which now is clear, he was under-challenged!)

Just today he had to do an opening statement for a faux trial of Prospero (Yes, my baby was studying Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ in his last unit) and when his team realized that the kid in charge of the closing statement was missing, he whipped that one up as well in 5 minutes! Teacher promised me a video of that … waiting ….

Of course, I did not get to take any pictures, so, here instead:
“Kid does not want to wake up, so I bring in the cat!”

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Exam Day!

Only 9 months after his last ABRSM exam, Julius was ready for Grade 4!

This time things were a bit different. Back in Vietnam, everything was set up and organized by the school and we used their facilities.

Here it is a bit more home grown, for exam day they had booked a short term apartment (similar to Fraser, where we lived in Hanoi for a month), where one of the rooms has a piano. Which also meant that while I was waiting in the living room, I was able to listen in! That was a first!

And from what I could hear, it sounded all nice to me, no obvious blunders. But I am not the expert, now we have to wait another 2 months until we get the results.

Nice also about this location (and being on the 21st floor), got a really nice view of Lotus Tower and the port.

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CCR 5K City Run

As every last Sunday of the month, CCR is doing a 5K ‘race’ with bibs and time keeping … and as the last few times before, I volunteered for the time keeping part. Great turn out, 49 athletes!

Somehow during the opening briefing I ended up with an adorable baby on my arm (I think one of the parents needed both arms to do the registration)

I had done some research on time keeping apps and stepped up the game with a photo / timer app which takes pics with the elapsed time embedded. Which turned out working pretty well!

(I had tested other time keeping apps, but what good are the best features on paper, when in practice the app crashes while the race is on?)

And since I did not get to run the 5K, I did a long loop from home to the race, but pretty much straight back then.

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Breakfast / Food & Fun Fair at School

“What’s for breakfast?”

After one last violin practice before exam, we headed to school for the “Food & Fun Fair”, an annual event full of games, food, booths and Julius had a shift at his grade’s stand.

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Good Morning / Good Night

Some beautiful sunrise sight taken on my morning run, including passing this group of service men working out in VMD park.




And this wonderful cloud spotted on my evening walk.

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Seen on Sunset Walk

Some more #streetphotography

“Quiet Hut by the Beach”

“Vegetable Street Vendors”


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Meanwhile … #SDGDataLK (now with Video!)

So, this is what Ritsu has been busy with the last 2 days …

Here an article about this symposium.

And here is a very nicely edited video!

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ABRSM dress rehearsal, kinda

Today Julius had a special extra session for his upcoming violin exam, with both, his violin teacher and his piano accompaniment / aural music teacher.

This is an interesting glimpse into the action of the violin teacher counting, correcting and commenting. Plus interesting outside noises …

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Waiting Cat

Cat actually waiting for Julius to be done with his shower.

Somehow she finds the sound of running water mesmerizing.

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Sunday Run & Movie

Another Sunday, another run.

Fun group, guest from Kenya who I ended up running with most of the time, with our same black shorts and neon yellow shirts + same hair style, I bet people thought we are twins. He also kept me at a good pace.

Click here to see the above pic in a 7 sec video clip. (thanks Sam for the clip)

Afterwards we tried a new rehydration place called ‘Juice Mo’, where I was introduced to Karapincha, which is an herbal drink, karapincha being curry leave, the whole thing tasting very healthy, bitter, but also a little sweet / sour. Must be good for your body! Like blending grass into your apple juice 😀

For our family mid day entertainment we went to watch “The Shape of Water”.

I was very curious to see if the film would be in anyway censored / cut / edited. After seeing that we had a blurred out middle finger in “Black Panther”, I was ready for story changing omissions, but no, neither did they object to Julius watching the movie, nor were there any edits, we got full frontal fish monster nudity :)

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Family Sunset Beach Walk & Dinner

Today I finally got the whole family out to the beach and at sunset time. Great combination. Even with lots of clouds, we got a pretty dramatic sky spectacle while we were walking along the beach


For dinner we went to a beach restaurant close to were we had parked “The Station”, interestingly most of their food is Chinese / Thai inspired, and while it is definitely not the best in town, the prices are reasonable, the service was surprisingly good …


… and the sunset view while sitting at the beach is very hard to beat.

Maybe we come back on Wednesday for their BBQ night!

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