New Year’s Run all the way to Shibuya! (and back)

What a great way to start the year! I have been wanting to do this for a while now.

Not the most picturesque route, but once in Shibuya, it feels great to look around, realizing I came all the way on foot, not train.

Mega-Donki was already open, and there was a line forming at the Adidas store for the upcoming sale.

Looped back a different way, but my phone battery was about to die and then google maps just stops. Made it though, also quite happy with overall pace, taking into account that there were stair cases and pedestrian fly-overs involved.

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Happy New Year!

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Working on Backlog

I know, I am terribly behind with the blog.

Too many pictures, too many fun adventures, not enough time, there was a slight cold bogging me down … excuses, excuses…

So, for now I will just drop what I find and will / might fill in the gaps later. At least trying to get up and running again, but you may want to scroll down from time to time, as I might add new things to older dates.

As for those pesky ‘protected’ posts, I still have to wrap my head around how to better serve all interests here.

Cheers and have a very happy new year!

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Protected: Yet another ramen place!

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Same Route – Just Faster

Not overly happy with yesterday’s pace, I went out to repeat the same course, a bit later with more warming sunshine, and a keen eye on my time keeping devices, scoring a half minute faster per km than yesterday.

I even managed towards the end to get on one of the local segment leader boards’ top ten. (You Strava users will know what I am talking about)


And finally I took a video of my usual Gojira / TOHO fly-by.

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The Boys take Akihabara

Got up early for a really cold 17K.
When the sun is not really up yet, it is still freezing …

But still a nice run, albeit a bit on the slow side.

Home – Shower – and then it was time for J & I to do our semi-regular pilgrimage to Akihabara

But on the way I wanted to check out Victoria’s ‘Main Store’, which turned out to be winter sports only, but the next door “Xebio mega sports store” (which only later I found to be part of the Victoria group) had a wide selection of running backpacks I got try try and compare.

But before the young man got too bored …


Greetings from Akihabara!


New things this time: Maid hawker ladies greeting us in English. One maiden hawker singing the shop’s jingle over and over from a balcony.

Our döner place now has small outdoor tables. Way too many tourists.

We came across a small idol concert we could watch from outside (and also ignore the ‘no photo’ sign)

And when looking around carefully one can always find sticker based street art garnished with robot looking trash cans.

Overall very crowded, kinda ‘meh’, “been there / done that feeling”. Even my headphone shop wasn’t bliss anymore (Way too crowded, the prices of the used section were not that attractive anymore, did not see anything I had not already read about.)

With the sun setting already we made our way home.

For dinner Obachan made her fantastic Buta No Kakuni again.

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Bakatare, second chance!

After our first visit right after arrival and feeling that something was ‘off’, I wanted to give them a second chance, but unfortunately, I can no longer whole heartedly recommend this place!

Don’t get me wrong, the broth is still the best that I have had so far, but many small things changed, for the worse, and I can only speculate it has to do with one of the co-founders leaving:

Upon entering there is now a not-so-pleasant pork smell, might have to do with those very grimy broth vats that look like they have not been cleaned in ages. Overall the place appears neglected, slightly run down. The music used to be reggae, now it’s heavy metal.

As for the food, while the broth is still fantastic, the pork slices are smaller and more fatty, there is no longer spinach, green negi, only green is a slight sprinkling of water cress (?) .. couple of little things, like bigger, uncooked onion pieces … what a shame, time to move on and look at other places.

Might still have one last ramen before we leave.

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32K Tamagawa Run

Clear blue skies and only slightly warmer (by maybe 2 degrees) than yesterday, I set out for a nice long run along the Tama river.

Recently I found how I can connect easily from my usual Gojira route to the river and then go up, cross at some point our train line, and from there I can judge how much longer I want to go.

It was around the half marathon point that I could have stopped and hopped on the train back home, but I had wisely packed bananas and extra drink and was supplying my body while running, so I added another 5K up and 5K down to get to an even 20 miles = 32km.

Ran my fastest 30K with 2h47min.

If it hadn’t been for those really chilly wind gusts (and lack of more drink / nutrition) I might have tried to add another 10K, but for now I was happy that I had dry clothing in my backpack, went home, took a long shower and then a well deserved nap.

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Protected: Third Mt. Takao Hike – Teaser

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Bakatare – Closed Doors?

First time we went to Bakatare during lunch time, on a weekday, and find the doors closed, the shutters down …

As I found out later, they now are closed on Wednesdays. (My Japanese reading skills were not enough to decipher that)

Well, we will try another time.

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Protected: Winter Trip Day 2 – Teaser

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Protected: Winter Trip Day 1 – Shirakawa – Hida Folk Village

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Meanwhile … 2 weeks ago in Singapore

It still feels surreal, did I really run 42.2km in scorching 30-32˚C and actually finished it? Upright? Still running?

Well, my pre-order of finisherpix photos came with the HD video option (which finally arrived) and as it turns out, what they do is a nice opening shot, establishing the early morning hour and the mass of people (no way to spot anyone in this, not even in HD), and then a collection of finish line videos, starting from 50m before the actual line.

So, it is nice they captured also the audio, the announcer welcoming everyone back.

And they got my name and my country right, but funny thing is that the graphic in the video gives me a Sri Lankan flag :)

Yes, it is a bit redundant seeing the same thing over and over, I think they want to make sure that at least one shot / angle comes out nicely.

Would have been more interesting if they had more cams at other locations (and I actually think I saw more of them, but maybe those belonged to local news teams)

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Gojira HM – New Ramen Place – Violin – Supermarket Fun

Today’s run was supposed to be the usual Gojira loop, but then I extended a bit at the bottom, so when I got back it was already around 16K, which is only 5 away from HM, so I just added a bit more.

With this run I also reached 3500km of running this year.

When I got home at 10:40, I found Julius still in bed! He sleeps so much better here!

For lunch we met up with mommy-dearest to try a different, new-ish ramen place.

It was nice, but no Bakatare, also, they charge extra for the garlic.

Here’s a bit more of Julius strumming his instrument. Always a fun battle to remind him that we dragged his violin all along the way for a reason.

In the evening we returned to Inageya to explore again the discount pricing options on things like LOBSTER! And other fishy delights!

The not-so-subtle Christmas Messaging here is all over the place. Even Te-Maki wrapped in holiday cheers!

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Protected: Lots of Running

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