Lot 10 Lunch & Sushi Dinner

On our last trip we had discovered the basement food court at the Lot 10 mall, full of local food stall, delicious smells, but also very full of people!

This time around we came extra early, only to find that last time those many people were because of Chinese New Year. This time, early and on a regular weekday, everything was very relaxed.

We took our time to look around, and after I had chased down a soda and some duck & rice for Julius, I selected the spicy stir fried Loh Shu Fun for myself, which was overall very tasty!

For dinner we felt like sushi and went to Sushi Tei, at the Pavilion mall basement.

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Low Yat Mall & Burger dinner

Something I had Julius promised to do already last time: exploring the ‘7 stories of IT shops’ Low Yat Mall!

Another 30 minute walk from our accommodation and then way too many shops to check out.

The young man was fascinated by a ‘lucky box’ vending machine … you insert 2.5USD to get the chance of some price, pictures showed winners with a range of things like TVs, but also coffee machines … I gave him the money, but after ample thinking, not being able to decide on a number, he gave up and returned the money ­čśÇ

It was way more fun to poke at all the interesting devices and the fancy ways how one could spruce up a desktop computer specifically for gaming …

We then tried to get back, avoiding the crazy rain that had started pouring. Most malls are actually connected by some covered walkways, and we only had THIS intersection (with a lady selling umbrellas) to run through.

We then met up with la mama to get Julius’ burger craving fixed at Jonny Rocket’s

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Variation on a theme …

I wrote before how there are at least 2 ‘clones’ of the Japanese Uniqlo / Muji concept in Sri Lanka …

Well, guess what, here in KL, within 24h alone, I found 4 (FOUR) more:

Some more subtle, (Domesky in blue and Watch Me in purple) some face on same-same (YubiSo and Minigood)…

Oh, looks like Minigood is also heading for Colombo, planning on opening 4 stores at once!

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Protected: Chinatown & Hainanese Lunch @ Nam Heong

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Dual Run Fun

This morning I woke up a bit later to give Ritsu a chance to come along with me to the park.

Initially I just wanted to run a speedy 5K, but there was another runner who was at similar pace, but as soon as I tried to pass him, he got faster and this way I started out way faster than usual.

After that run I needed a decent cool down, which turned into another 5K run at slower pace.

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Protected: Jalan Alor with Marianne

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Back in Japan?

Our first shopping spree brought us to a section inside the Pavilion Mall called ‘Tokyo Street’

And they are doing a very good job at giving you the illusion of being in Japan, starting with goofing around and finding some cheap household essentials at Daiso:

Typical decorations …

We also found a food store that sold a lot of our favorite konbini snack (they even had my favorite chocolate … ON SALE!)

But even outside that area, we continued the Japanese theme, like having Salmon & Ikura Don at LOT10’s 4th floor food court

or playing PacMan at Uniqlo:

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Goooooood Morning KL!

We are back! And I started the Sunday morning early with a nice run in KLCC Park.

Sun rises fairly late here, this is why it looks like I was running at night (it was about 6:15AM)

While Julius, after sleeping in, gets to start the day with playing his violin!

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Fall Break!

And we are off!

School’s out for a week & adventure awaits.

Flight was overall very smooth (but leg space seems to be getting smaller every year)

And the vegetarian food option was only so so … 2 tiny portions of potato / veggie curry with a big load of chapatti.

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Meanwhile … in Kandy #HackaDev

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Extended Night Run!

I feel I am not joining those weekly night runs often enough for various reasons:

a) it often rains at that time of day
b) I find all that ‘getting ready – find parking – drive back home’ too much hassle for ‘just’ 5K / 22min of running.

So, I changed things up a bit today. The meeting point is only 2.8km away, so instead of taking the car, I ran TO the venue, arrived just before start time, ran my 5K and then ran back home for an overall 10.7km

My actual race time for the 5K portion was 22m20s, (one of my faster 5K results) at 4.27 minutes/km

This might actually be the first time I whipped out the camera during the night run and fun to see my fancy light gear in action (it also blinks red in the back)

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Monologue from “The Glass Menagerie”

This just in from Julius’ drama teacher.

While other kids in J’s class got to perform in pairs, he ended up with the tougher task of doing a monologue.

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Germany Unity Day @German Embassy

Like last year we were invited by the German Ambassador to celebrate Germany’s unity day, and somehow this is the only picture we took.

This little guy was all over the place and somehow took a liking to me … and sure enough, I needed to pick him up and relive those ‘Julius as a bundle’ moment.

Fun celebration with the usual food suspects, like curry wurst, but also some new entries, like great dessert options like Rote Gr├╝tze and old fashioned German baked cheese cake.

Oh, and then there were those K├Ânigsberger Klopse, which might have left some bilingual people very confused, and possibly many non-German speaking Muslims and Hindus having their first involuntary taste of pig / cow … (or the other way around, Germans expecting mama’s home style mix of pork / beef turning out to be ‘just’ chicken)

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Spinfit Leftovers

It has been 10 days and finally some more ‘official’ photos from that run 2 weekends ago are emerging:

Out of an album with 144 pics, this is the only one I am actually running in the background.

And this other one is from when I got that nice, little backpack and certificate for 10th place.

2 days later and a few more pictures show up:

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Spontaneous Half Marathon

It was raining cats & dogs last night again, so it actually felt kinda cool this morning and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds. Usually she comes out around 7PM and turns everything into a sauna, but not so today.

I had only planned for a short run, but as I started out, I made up my mind to at least go up to the port, change of scenery. And once there (that’s like 6KM) I noticed that I still had plenty of energy, that I had kept my pace and heart rate even and thus I decided that I can try for longer distance.

And even without any water (I do not recommend that distance without any hydration!) or gels as fuel, I made it! The last 3KM were pretty tough and I slowed down (instead of giving up). But overall happy with an average 5:27 pace (was planning 5:30) and coming in under 2h.

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